2012/2013 Bike Sales ?

FCIB has been able to generate tens of thousands of dollars for bicycle trails in central Iowa over the past few years through its annual used bike sale. However, the Club constantly struggled with a lack of storage and work space, an over-abundance of truly worthless used bikes, and a shortage of hands to help with the fixing up. As a result we skipped bike sales in 2009, 2010 & 2011 and have not scheduled a spring sale for 2012.
However, a room in the back of the Ames Pantorium Building & basement will be available for storage and work space this summer & next winter (2012/2013).  The FCIB bike repair supplies will be moved to the Pantorium this spring (2012).  The repair volunteers would like to slowly gather good bikes this year for bike a sale in the spring of 2012.
If you have or learn of good bicycles that could be donated and to be recycled into the community, please contact Denny Jones at djbikeofames@yahoo.com or 515-231-5188.  Thank you - and keep listening for future announcements !